2017 Committee Chairs


Associates Committee   Watson Jones Watson@ckash.com 
Codes Committee   Perry Lyons perry@pllyons.com
EOC   Todd Johnson todd@hbalexington.com
Finance Committee * Billy Doelker billy@keyhomesllc.com
Insurance Committee   * Stan Logan stanlogan@llhins.com
Investment Committee * Richard Bean rabuk11@gmail.com
    Val Claycomb vclaycomb@republicbank.com
KBJ   Cody Conley cody.conley@maconley.com
Legislative Committee     * Charlie Corbett charliecorbett@gmail.com
  * Tom Raver tom@fireplacedst.com
Politcal Action Committee   Drew McLellan drewmcl70@gmail.com
    Jim Frey jimf@pellaoki.com
YBL   Brian Miller bmillercontracting@gmail.com
Three Year Plan * Marshall Todd marshall.todd@twc.com
NAHB BUILDPAC Trustee   Mike Kegley mike@theboldcompany.com
NAHB State Rep   David Sowders dsowders@bellsouth.net
*Chair by virtue of the members elected or appointed office